Sunday, 18 March 2012

Muamba Tragedy - Putting Everything into Perspective

There is nothing more devastating that seeing a player fall to the ground, and not get back up. This season has seen some pretty awful injuries, and sustained medical treatment on the pitch, but yesterday, 17th March 2012, was pretty much the most horrific sight the English Premier League has seen in a while.

Fabrice Muamba of Bolton collapsed to the floor seemingly uninjured with no other player around him, and failed to get back up, causing paramedics to rush onto the scene and attempt to resuscitate him at White Hart Lane. This procedure occurred for around ten minutes before he was stretchered off with an oxygen mask, seemingly not breathing. He was taken to the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green where he is currently in the Intensive Care Unit undergoing treatment.

I fear for the worst, considering he was not to be seen breathing as he left the pitch, and various statements from 'Muamba is stable', to 'critically ill' within an hour disturb me. I can't help but recall other incidents where i've seen footballers collapse, not get back up again, and they have sadly passed away - i hope this is not the case.

The incident was deeply disturbing and hugely upsetting - both sets of players were visibly distressed, some Bolton team mates crying as they looked down on their friend on the floor, unresponsive.

When a tragedy like this happens, the sounds and sense of the opposing teams rivalry is audibly extinguished, replaced with a soundtrack of sobs, gasps and nervous chatterings. A whole stadium coming together, focused on one thing only, and that's whether the player is going to be all right. Whether the player is from your team or the opposition is rendered obsolete - everybody is wishing for the same thing, supporting the same cause, united in concern.

Despite such a beautiful visual portrayal of unification, it is also deeply saddening that something of this magnitude of travesty has to occur before that happens. It shouldn't take something shockingly and deeply disturbing as this for people to remember the things that are important, and remember that although our passions run high, and we all like a healthy rivalry, it is just a game, and there are more important issues in life.

With this mind, take time to remember what is important - what matters in your life and cherish it. Tell the people who you love the most all the time that you love them, and don't take anything for granted - things can be taken away in a second, life can be snatched away most unfairly, so make every second count.

My thoughts are with Fabrice Muamba's family at this time and i pray for his recovery.

The latest on his condition:
18th March 9.09: Owen Coyle - Muamba is "critically ill. The next 24 hours are going to be absolutely crucial. Its very serious, there's no getting away from that. He's critically ill and God willing he makes it through"

Football players who have died on the pitch:


  1. My thoughts entirely also go out to his family and friends. I am definitely not a football fan but this unfortunate incident has been on our news throughout the day. Such a young healthy and fit man taken down in this way. I also hope he does make it, and he is in one of our local hospitals which has the best facilities for heart treatment.

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